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Even under high area loads, SKC slideway coatings offer a jerk-free starting and smooth movement. Minimum feed (in the range of microns) and a very precise positioning are achieved by SKC-coated guideways, if an adequate drive, an adequate lubricating system and lubricant are used. This behaviour is obtained by the most salient of the positive properties: the static friction fo is smaller than the kinetic friction fv.
SKC slideway coatings harden without any technically relevant shrinkage, therefore the accuracy of the surface to be formed is truly reproduced on the SKC antifriction coating. So, in most cases, a subsequent and costly mechanical machining is avoided, as the lubrication grooves can be formed simultaneously.
The excellent properties of the SKC compounds minimize wear of the slideway coating and the opposing guide surface.
The readiness with which it embeds foreign bodies offers an additional and an effective protection against scoring.
The high accuracy of SKC-coated guideways and the technological properties of the slideway coating allow the minimum of guiding tolerance. The excellent damping behaviour of slideways, e. g. compared to roller-type guideways is therefore remarkably improved.
By the increasing frictional function in the boundary area, and into the direction of motion, damping is given. The dynamic rigidity of the machines is improved.
The excellent properties under emergency conditions of the SKC slideway coatings avoid high wear, even under unfavourable conditions, such as inadequate lubrication.
SKC-coated guideways do not “seize”.
In contrast to many other synthetics, SKC slideway coatings are scarcely effected by deformation under load, in particular, under the influence of heat (see tech. data).
SKC slideway coatings adhere excellently on cleaned metallic surfaces, and also on existing SKC layers. Correction of damage or of machining errors on SKC slideway coatings can be done easily. Even on components of machines made of solventless polymerisable resinous compound or cement-bound concrete, SKC slideway coatings have outstanding adhesion characteristics.
SKC compounds are resistant to water, sea water, mineral and synthetic oils, weak acids and caustics, gasoline and alcohol.
They are not resistant to acetone, benzene, methanole, phenoles and cresoles (under permanent load), and to solvents (under a longer-lasting influence).
Any particulars as far as chemical resistance is concerned have to be seen under a certain reservation, as parameters like temperature, time of action and state of hardening of the compounds are of importance. If there is any doubt, we recommend to provide specific storing tests.
In cases of long-term influence under watery solvents, as well as by depositing of oxydes, fission and metabolic products (especially from water-mixable coolants/lubricants) dimensional variations of some microns might occur.
Upon request, we are well prepared to send you detailed and relevant information.

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