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Coatings for Joint Faces

Applying the parting coating

SKC-coatings for joint faces are used to adapt and to fit machine components, ensuring the highest demands of accuracy. They are also used as high load capacity

The moulding technique allows corrections of machining tolerances within microns. Even if the layered thickness differs, accuracy to microns is still obtained.

SKC coatings for joint faces provide a very high adhesion force and harden without any technically relevant shrinkage.

Technical data of the SKC-coatings for joint faces can be downloaded at our “Download”-Area.

Choice Table

Material Spatula method Injection method Pouring method Description
SKC 53 X standard type for application by spatula
SKC 55 X standard type for application by injection
SKC 57 X reduced application and hardening time
SKC 58  X  X especially low-viscosity coating for joint faces, pouring method, long application and hardening time

We are also producing customer-specific coatings meeting various requirements (e. g. conductivity, elasticity, with metallic or non-metallic fillers), as well as sealing compounds or adhesives on epoxy-resin basis.
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