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Slideway Coatings

SKCslideway coatings are used for the production of guideways and sliding surfaces.
Originally developed to be used for machine-tools, today, they are applied for industries being most different from each other as e. g. construction of heavy machinery or of printing machines, they even found entry in optical industry.

Apart from the optimal technical properties, forming-to-size technique is offering a great variety of alternatives for a cost-saving production of surfaces in most different designs.

Technical data of the SKC-slideway coatings can be downloaded at our “Download”-Area.

Choice Table

Material Spatula method Injection method Pouring method Description
SKC 3 X very high loading capacity and resistance to wear
SKC 60 X compared with SKC 3: improved sliding properties, standard type for injection method
SKC 62 X technical properties as SKC 60, lower viscosity, for long guideways
SKC 63 X technical properties as SKC 60, applicable by spatula
SKC 63 R X repair compound, rapid hardening, for repair works of seizures and blow holes
SKC 90 X X especially low-viscosity compound, standard type for pouring method
SKC 400 ELF  X X coating with a high PTFE rate, very low coefficient of friction; colour: blue

We are also producing customer-specific coatings meeting various requirements (e. g. conductivity, elasticity, with metallic or non-metallic fillers), as well as sealing compounds or adhesives on epoxy-resin basis.
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