With more than 35 years of experience SKC is one of the pioneers in the production and use of malleable viscous materials.

SKC products are successfully used by the machine tool/machine building industries and related areas.

High quality materials, attention to detail and component advice make SKC the market leader with world-wide presence in this technology.Furthermore, SKC has acquired an international reputation for research in the area of tribology.

Since foundation of our company, the consequent orientation towards the customer’s requirements has determined our business policy. Optimal quality of product, service and availability – this is our main objective.

In 1995 we have commenced to integrate a quality service into a quality management system according DIN EN ISO 9001. In May 1996, by the certificate issued by DEKRA Certification Services GmbH we received the official confirmation that our system meets the presently highest international level.

Examples of Application

On the following pages you see applications of SKC products:

Slideway Coatings | Worm Racks

We produce and repair worm racks of different shapes, even [...]

Slideway Coatings | Grinding machine

Coating of hydrostatic guideways and hydrostatic bearing. Application by injection [...]


SKC compounds are two-component materials based on high quality epoxy resins. Various fillers and additives enable a tailor-made adaptation of the materials to the specific application.

Slideway Coatings
Coatings for Joint Faces


Advice, Development, Production & Quality Assurance.

Production & Quality Assurance